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I’m so glad you’ve chosen to visit our website.

We are passionate about being real with our lives, purpose, and faith.


We don’t believe we have all the answers about any of those things, or about God. However, we are really excited about the the person and teachings of Jesus.  We believe that God is just like Jesus and that Jesus’ core teachings of love for God, neighbours, and enemies, are to be lived out. For us, that means heading down a path of accepting people just the way they are, forgiving without any limits, and living as peacemakers. We strive to be a group of people who are doing just,  that while being honest about how its going.  We would love you to come and visit. Here is what you can expect when you do.



It’s probably important to start by making it clear that we're not the ones who 'figured out God'. Neither do we possess the secret to life, exclusive access to truth or the only way to find fulfillment. We are, however, powerfully drawn to the life and teachings of Jesus (as well as other great teachers of the way of love). But rather than fixating on beliefs about Jesus, we want to cultivate a path and a practice in the way of Jesus. This way is the counter-cultural road of limitless forgiveness, radical acceptance, nonviolent peacemaking, abundant generosity and sacrificial love.


We think the truth about life may just be love and love may just be the way.


Everyone knows that there is more to life than they are presently living. We want to curate trans-formative environments, supportive community, and resources that change the way we see ourselves and our world, giving voice to a spiritual reality that is beyond the copyright of any one religion. We value the liberty of individual conscience, the call of every person to live out their own journey, and the responsibility of each of us to 'show up' in all our personal fullness and be a unique refraction of the light of Love.


We don’t have a need for everyone to agree on a bunch of specific dogmas. The world is tired of religious people who claim to believe a list of ideas when those very ideas don’t translate into any kind of personal transformation. Rather than agreeing on a particular set of beliefs, our aim is to guide people into a redemptive way of living. Knowing that the way we behave towards one another is the fullest expression of what we believe, what matters more to us is that we are all after the same result regardless of how we get there… TO GROW IN LOVE.


God is Love. Love is God. We envision a community where every human being awakens to this Love; working in us, among us, through us and even as us. Early followers of Jesus called this “the body of Christ”. Reality is made of, held together by, and filled with, one, ultimate, loving energy that is present in all that exists. We see this energy present in the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. We are experimenting with building a community that trusts this energy, this love, this Christ, this Reality, to be "all and in all".


Love is our supreme value, which manifests in the individual as a self-giving choice to act responsibly with justice, integrity, courage and forgiveness, and transcends the instinctual drive for personal survival and protection. Because of this, we don’t focus on escaping to a renewed, peaceful world in some heavenly afterlife. Rather, our hope is to actively build one here and now. This includes protecting and restoring the Earth and the value and dignity of the life upon it. In the words of Mr. Rogers, “Life is for service”.


This work of self giving love will require individuals who are psychologically and emotionally healthy, people who have addressed their childhood wounds and emotional patterning that the ego spends much energy consciously and unconsciously avoiding. We want this community to be a safe place to face the truth of the mixed blessing that we all are - dust and glory, matter and spirit, weeds and wheat - and to take the next step in our further conversion, collective evolution, and personal salvation.


You’re invited to join us on this communal journey of…

Growing toward human wholeness, to live as a beneficial presence in the world, because life is a gift and love is the point!

- Colin

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